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Stephen Zhao


Stephen is the brain, the copywriter, and head-strategist on Team Agile. Stephen is the first-choice digital-growth marketer for thought-leaders across multiple industries. He is known for skillset in maximizing revenue in multistage sales funnels, email-marketing, and more.

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Stephen Liu

Conversion Strategist

Most people would agree. Stephen is one of the most sociable and outgoing developers on this planet. Stephen’s charismatic energy and his skill in combining marketing strategies with technical strategies has made him one of the most highly sought-out conversion consultants in Vancouver. In the past 15 years, he’s implemented successful conversion campaigns for dozens of Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Hootsuite, Intel and others.

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Edwin Ching

Technical Lead

Edwin is the behind-the-scenes hero on the team. He’s our full-stack developer who makes sure everything technical is running smoothly. Though he’s too humble to brag about it, he’s saved our team times. If all our client projects are running smoothly, this guy deserves the credit.

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Kim Chen

Mobile Strategist & Accounts Manager

Kim has more foresight than most of us. He was an early-adopter to the mobile-app trend. Owning several profitable apps, Kim now enjoys a quality lifestyle with his son while helping clients with their mobile and other project needs.

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Joseph Choi

Lead Designer

Joseph is an award-winning designer who’s worked with Jim Pattison, Boston Pizza, Black Box My Car, and many more. He can make all of our lives better with his skills. Why? Well, he can make any site look stylish, professional, trustworthy and very damn beautiful.

Visit his portfolio today.

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Humphrey Ng

Google Adwords Expert

Humphrey gets clients qualified leads using Google - the largest search engine in the world. He’s got one of those rare skill where he can combine both analytical skills and marketing skills to lower lead-acquisition costs for our clients and for Agile Conversions as well.

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Klaus Hakala

Facebook Ads Specialist

Klaus is a supermodel from Finland / a Facebook Ads magician who helps thought-leaders scale their businesses using Facebook ads. We told him to give up modeling and use the time to be on our team instead. He agreed and he said it was the best damn choice of his life.


Our Board of Advisors

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Dan Lok

Internet Marketer

Dan Lok has been featured on the cover of luxury magazines such as Jetlife Magazine, Concierge Magazine and more. He is a known as the King of High-Ticket Sales and a highly sought after consultant in the affluent, high-end markets. Dan owns a portfolio of businesses and is a strategic advisor for dozens of businesses in North America, Australia and Asia.


  Dan Lok,  Serial Entrepreneur

Dan Lok, Serial Entrepreneur

I’ve been working with Stephen from Agile Conversions for over a year and a half.  Over the years, I’ve worked with and trained hundreds of copywriters and marketers. I am extremely selective of whom I work with and I am not the easiest guy to please. The copywriting service and other conversion work are exceptional. They’re my go-to service for over a dozen of my businesses. I trust Stephen with some of my most important projects, so should you.
— Dan Lok

  Max Kramer,  Tripp Advice

Max Kramer, Tripp Advice

Hi my name is Max Kramer. I am from Tripp Advice.com. I worked with Stephen who was an excellent copywriter. I needed him for my newsletter specifically my daily newsletter that was going on to my very large list of leads. Before working with him I struggled the most with getting people to open up the emails. My email rate was dropping. My click through was dropping. That’s why I needed to up those rates and bring up the sales.

I did a wide search and talked a lot of people on the phone and I thought that he would be the best fit. I brought him on and he was. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

It’s pretty tough out there to really dive deep into something specific like this a lot of people who understand that understanding copywriting via email, so it was a tough find.

So when I worked with Stephen a lot of great stuff happened.

Open rates going up. The sales going up. I starting seeing increase in sales – my daily revenues were plateau. Within 3 months, Stephen managed to bring the average up by 34% and maximum daily sale hit new records by 11X previous records.
He helped out a lot by writing very good emails that people actually want to read. You know emails that people actually want to read, click and want to buy that’s what I was looking for and I definitely end up hiring the right guy because he made it happen. I wasn’t sure at first… I didn’t know if I wanted to. I was happy to be working. If you’re thinking of working with him. He will write the correct type of emails and talk directly to your customer which he did with mine.

Thank you Stephen so much for your help for getting my email marketing on the right track.
— Max Kramer