Do you want to capture more leads, create quality appointments and close more sales?

Whether you’re in B2B or B2C, buying traffic gets you all of the above. Instead of old-school, outbound marketing like face-to-face networking, speaking at events or cold-calling, why not save some time and have new leads come to you? 

If you want to automate your lead-generation process, here’s why you want to invest in buying targeted traffic on Google and Facebook.

5 Big Benefits Of Buying Traffic

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You Get New Leads Fast And Around The Clock!

Strategies like community building and SEO are great in the long-run. The problem is they take months or even years to pay off. By buying traffic, you are getting better results at a fraction of the investment. With our methods, your phone can ring within 24 hours of starting a campaign.

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You Get Highly-Qualified Leads

We help you target your highest-paying prospects based on heavy-duty research. With our skilled paid traffic team, we can target your prospects based on income level, interests, geography, personality traits and dozens of other variables. Without getting too techy, by being specific in who we are targeting, we help you acquire qualified leads at dramatically lower prices.

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You Get A Predictable, Steady Stream Of Leads

When you’re buying traffic, you will always know where your next lead is coming from. Finally, you can have certainty in the growth of your business.  Even when we’re just starting out, we’ll show you how to scale your business with paid traffic too.

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You Can Start With A Tiny Budget

Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been in business for decades, buying traffic is always an option. We show you a way where you can invest as little as $5 a day and you can still see results (small results though)! In fact, in our process below, you’ll see why we suggest starting small before spending a lot.

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You Can Test New Products And Services

We’ll show you how to test the popularity and sales of a new product using a proven 3-step funnel. This gives you a way to quickly see where to focus your resources and where you’ll see the highest return-on-investment.

How It Works

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Step 1: Online Questionnaire

Your ad campaign starts when we send you a form that’ll take less than 20 minutes to complete about your product and target customer. Once submitted, you can sit back while our team get to work producing your ads for you.

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Step 2: Over the Phone Consultation

To get a clear idea of how many leads you can realistically and potentially get within your first month of buying traffic, share your goals with our team. We’ll give you a tailored step-by-step plan to get you there.

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Step 3: Your Campaign Details Are Delivered In 7 Days Or Less

After the 7 day wait (though usually it's a little less than this) we will email you the full campaign blueprint with projections of your campaign. This will include a worst-case scenario, best case scenario and the most likely scenario. Upon your approval, we set up the campaign and put the plan into action.

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Step 4: We Start Small

We believe in helping you minimize risk while getting maximum return. We do this by starting your campaigns with a smaller budget. The only time we increase the budgets is when we have a set of data that suggests that we should. We update you on what’s working before we double down on our efforts to get the full leverage of every dollar towards buying traffic.

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Step 5: Then We Go Big

Once we know which campaigns are working the best, we scale your campaigns and to get you the fast growth you’ve always wanted.  Want to get a tailored traffic plan for you business?

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